The story of how it began

When our clients approach us, our first question is, 'What vibe are you going for?' We believe in curating an experience that transcends decor and becomes a feeling. Whether you envision an over-the-top celebration, a simple and subtle affair, the laid-back allure of Palm Springs, or the enchanting ambiance of a garden stroll, we're here to collaborate with you. Your vision becomes our mission, as we work passionately to breathe life into your dreams and make your event space reflect the emotions you've always imagined.

We work with high quality artificial faux flowers to make your dream come true. Just share your vision and we will translate that to floral of your dream.

Why would you consider faux flowers?

  • Perpetual Beauty: Faux flowers retain their vibrant colors and appearance indefinitely, ensuring a consistently beautiful display without wilting or fading.
  • Budget-Friendly: Faux flowers can be a cost-effective choice, as they eliminate the need for regular replacements associated with real flowers. To get the same effect achieved with real flowers it generally costs more than double.
  • Allergy-Free: Ideal for individuals with allergies, faux flowers don't release pollen, making them a hypoallergenic option for those who suffer from flower-related allergies.
  • Versatility: Faux flowers offer a wide range of options, allowing for customization in terms of colors, styles, and arrangements that may not be readily available with real flowers.
  • Weather Resistant: Unlike real flowers, faux flowers are not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, or sunlight, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.
  • Availability: Faux flowers are not subject to seasonal availability or geographical constraints, ensuring that desired blooms can be incorporated into arrangements throughout the year.
  • Low Maintenance: Faux flowers require minimal maintenance and can be prepared well in advance, reducing last-minute stress associated with the freshness and arrangement of real flowers. You can see how your arrangement will look well in advance with no scary surprises.
  • Perfect for Destination Events: Faux flowers are an excellent choice for destination weddings or events, as they travel well and maintain their appearance regardless of the location. While we do recommend going with a local vendor, sometimes depending on the area and your choice it may be a better idea to hire someone, that understands your vision and it's more feasible with artificial flowers.

Events By Gowpshop

Intimate Dinner

“When Lana Del Ray sang "Hot summer nights, mid-July
When you and I were forever wild" This is what we envision. An intimate dinner with your loved one outdoor as the sun sets. It can transport you to a villa in Tuscany when in reality you are dining in texas.”

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